Saturday, March 17, 2012

First Post

Hey all! Eric Arvin here. This is the very first post of my new blog devoted to my writing. Many of you might know me from my blog Daventry Blue, whereon I post on everything from my books to music to sexy fellas. This new site will focus entirely on my writing.

For those of you unfamiliar with my writing, here's a blurb:

Eric Arvin resides in the same sleepy Indiana river town where he grew up. He graduated from Hanover College with a Bachelors in History. He has lived, for brief periods, in Italy and Australia. He has survived brain surgery and his own loud-mouthed personal demons. Eric is the author of THE REST IS ILLUSION, SUBSURDITY, SUBURBILICIOUS, SIMPLE MEN, ANOTHER ENCHANTED APRIL, WOKE UP IN A STRANGE PLACE, GALLEY PROOF, and various other sundry and not-so-sundry writings. He intends to live the rest of his days with tongue in cheek and eyes set to roam.

As the site progresses I will add links, etc. Please bear with me, or, as the French say, bear avec moi. This should be fun...or at least an informative diversion. Later.


  1. Great start, Eric! I look forward to watching its development.

  2. Heh, I have to admit that the Google Reader message "You have subscribed to Eric Arvin" sounded... well. *ahem* ;)

    Bless you for having the embedded comment form so I can subscribe to comments by email!!!