Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bad Poetry Sunday: The Jane Fonda Poem

Teej is fond a Jane Fonda
She makes him do the conga
In a line that's longa
And that's just wronga.

If I were on a stage
With Geraldine Page
I would need a cage
Because she dead and I don't want to touch her.

Rockin round the Christmas Tree
With little Brenda Lee
Save your jealousy
We're three months late.

I'm rhyming like Dylan
Not Dillon but Dylan
At least that's how I'm feelin'
The times they are a-healin'.

Aimee I'm your man
Your man not your Mann
But I take it in the can
so, it's not like I want you in the weird obsessive way or anything, I just really reaaly really love your songs and if you don't respond to my Facebook posts I will DIE!!

Mary Chapin Carpenter
Your name's a pencil sharpener
This poem's death harbinger
Jesus was a carpenter. So was Karen.

Makes the people
Come together.
Tra la la. La la la.

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