Sunday, April 21, 2013

The List: On the Calendar

April 24 - The Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles & Men is released...after ten years. So veddy, veddy excited!

Minerva True is a River Dweller and mystic who lives deep in the forested hills of a river valley on the fringes of the world. She is the only person who sees the ancient danger that resides on a nearby chapel grounds. Most pay little heed to her warnings, and in the end only a small band of friends stand beside her. A tale of love and duty ensues, challenging the destinies of Minerva, the young hero Leith, his lover Aubrey, and the mute boy, Deverell. Leith’s half-crazed mother Calpurnia has her own aspirations, however, that prove detrimental not only to Minerva, but to everyone she comes in contact with.

April 24 - More Botox on my foot. Yaaaay :-/ I didn't notice too much response last time, so if it doesn't work second time around I'm gonna look for other treatments. Anyone know any shamans?

May 1 - Crack the Darkest Sky Wide Open starts pre-sales HERE. This is gonna be one of the biggest anthologies of the year. Jesus told me so.

May 3 - A faux hawk before Arizona? Or will I chicken out?

May 6 - MY BIRTHDAY, gifts to myself: Cloud Atlas Blu-Ray and the new Patty Griffin CD. Woot!!

May 6 - Neuro appointment before I leave for Tucson with my new doctor. He might have some ideas about finding that aforementioned shaman.

May 10 - Leave for, and arrive in, Tucson, where we will see how hateful Teej's cat, Otter, is to me. I hate airports. The flights are fine. I'm seated. But airports? Oy, my vertigo... Still, the end point is well worth it :-)

May 16 - Radio interview with Teej and other writers from Crack the Darkest Sky Wide Open on Elaine Raco Chase’s internet radio show. From 7-9pm EST. SUPASTAH!! This is my second radio interview so I'm kind of a pro. Still, I'm expecting raging talkwardness. This will not be helped by being in Tucson and Teej making funny faces at me the entire time.

May 17 - Crack the Darkest Sky Wide Open release day!!!

May 20 - Teej's BIRTHDAY!!! My gifts to him are.....BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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  1. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful month! I hope you find healing and I'm sure your time with Teej will be quite interesting. :-)