Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jezza Smilez: Nathan & The Adonai

My friend Jezza Smilez - a very talented illustrator and comic artist - has a new graphic novel, Nathan & The Adonai, set to premiere at Bent-Con in a few weeks. (Jezza is an awesome guy and will also soon be illustrating a new version of my filthy little short story Roids Rumps & Revenge (Seventh Window).) I've seen a copy of this new work and it's a lot of fun. Sexy and playful. Check it out!

Here's the premise: 

   Nathan isn't your ordinary hero. Actually, he's not a hero at all - but that's not going to stop him from trying to be. Recent events have put him on his first quest to seek out a great sage renown for training some of the world's greatest heroes. 
Nathan's just begun his quest and it's already been derailed. Before Nathan can get on with his quest, he has to save someone - a task littered with all of the classic hurdles that face new adventurers. 

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