Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The List

1. Received the final edits and galley for SuburbaNights, the third book in my Jasper Lane series from Dreamspinner Press. It will soon be ready for release on July 11th. Woot!

2. My new erotic - and by "erotic" I mean "absolutely filth" - short story, "Roids, Rumps, & Revenge", will soon be released by Seventh Window with a cover by the ever dependable Absolutbleu.

3. My friend and fellow sexy writer Jim Provenzano won a Lambda Literary Award for his lovely romance Every Time I Think of You. I'm only slightly jealous, because he's such a nice guy.

4. Charlie David (Dante's Cove), who recorded my book Simple Men to audio book, is in the midst of recording another: Woke Up in a Strange Place! I'll keep you all informed as far as the release date.

5. Charlie Esquiaqui is taking on the cover duties for SuburbaNights. Like HVH before him, I think he really gets the mood of the books.

6. My short horror tale, "Miss Locks", was released this week by Untreed Reads. I really enjoy writing horror, so I think you might be seeing more from me.

7. Twin Peaks. Lost. Battlestar Galactica. What do these have in common? I was obsessed with all of them. Still am. Add another TV series to that list: Game of Thrones. Wow.


  1. 1. Yay! *\o/*
    2. I like filth :)
    3. I loved that story
    4. I'm only now discovering audio books and I love it. Instead of re-reading books I buy the audio version and get a new experience with the same story. Yours is going on my wishlist now.
    5. I'm curious
    6. On my wishlist
    7. I have to check that one out

    1. I'm late to the audio bandwagon myself. I'm still not used to it, but I like the idea of it giving a previously read story new life.

  2. 1. Should I pencil you in? :)