Friday, June 29, 2012

New Erotic Short: 'Roids, Rumps, & Revenge' (Excerpt)

While you are all anxiously waiting for the release of SuburbaNights on July 11th - wait for word on a special deal on that one! - here's a new erotic short I wrote for Seventh Window. It's extremely filthy, and possibly even a bit controversial, but it's a lot of fun. Look at that awesome cover by my pal, Absolutbleu! You can get it HERE on July 2, or Amazon, All Romance, B&N, etc. Also, don't forget my horror short "Miss Locks" from Untreed Reads (HERE). Look at me! I'm a Renaissance man! Here be an excerpt:

It was the damndest thing I ever saw, what got our coach put up in the hospital on the eve of what was supposed to be Pro State University’s greatest football victory ever. I was there to witness that game, and I was also there the night before to see how its outcome came to pass, trapped in the coach’s office and peaking out the window into the locker room. If I hadn’t a seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. No sir.

Coach Mauler is the best football coach in the state. Ain’t no question about that. And he’s got the respect of all his players, including me. I will admit to having been a little put out with him at the time the events in this story took place. But that’s nothing new. He’s an easy man to get irritated with. A dick and something of a hypocrite. Still, I’m dang proud to be on the team. We’ve gone on to win the division championship three of the past four years. There’s no other school in the state that can claim so many victories.
Now, I ain’t a big guy, and I ain’t necessarily the best on the team either. When I look around at some of my teammates I feel downright tiny. I watch ‘em in the shower sometimes. Just to size them up, you know.

Chazz is the biggest of the group, with a dick to match. When he showers his cock swings from leg to leg like he’s a damn grandfather clock. His big dick head smacks each of his huge thighs like it’s angry with ‘em. There always seems to be a stream of pre-cum dribbling from the thing as well. Like it’s full and ready to burst. He’s got a girlfriend, but he’s never stuck that thing in her. Having heard the rumors of Chazz’z monster cock size, her own daddy took Chazz aside one day and told him there would be no sex else Chazz would lose his balls. But, dammit, anyone could tell that dick was just waiting to get inside of something. It looked plain pissed off.

Then there’s Jay, the quarterback. His dick can’t compare with Chazz’s in size, but it sure makes up for that in personality. He’s got the largest dickhead I’ve ever seen. It’s totally disproportionate to the rest of his cock. Kinda like a fleshy cork. Jay’s got a sweet ass on him too. I don’t mind saying that either. When he bends over to wash his feet I can see between his bubbled cheeks and there be a puckering hole. And let me tell you, it is wide open and ready for business. Shoot. If Jay’s ass is virgin then I’m Burt Reynolds.

Being in the weight room with these guys is difficult for anyone with a self-confidence issue like me. We got a set of twins on the team, Evan and Lucas. Nice guys with those bodies you see in sexy magazine ads. All abs and ass. There’s so much testosterone coursing through them while they workout that their dicks are as hard as poles. And God bless ‘em for not wearing underwear. Sometimes, when one of ‘em is on the bench press, I want to go over there and knock that dick around a bit, like it’s a weeble-wobble. I don’t think they’d mind. Those guys are always yanking on each other in play in the shower. Seriously. You walk in while the two of them are getting soaped up and it’s like a game of elephant. Twins have a special connection, you see.

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