Sunday, December 23, 2012

The List: Things and People to Come

1. My book Woke Up in a Strange Place is nominated for Favorite All-Time M/M Romance at the Goodreads M/M Romance Group awards. How awesome is that? It's up against some amazing competition, including books by Tj Klune, E.M. Forster, and Mary Renault. SuburbaNights is also up for Best Humorous Book. Also too as well, Woke Up was chosen as best book of the year over at Joyfully Jay. I'm feeling so Sally Field-like these days, surprised by all the love and always with a brown mop of hair atop my head.

2. Every time I hear the phrase "big ass giveaway" I get very excited...but it always ends in disappointment when I realize the speaker isn't being literal. Bastards.

3. Sometime in the past year my men and music blog Daventry Blue passed a million views. That's kinda cool, huh? My blog has been passed around more than one of them asses in that "big ass giveaway."

4. Tj Klune is coming to visit me here in Indiana. Shhhhenanigans!! Be sure to watch for our video where we'll be answering all sorts of sundry questions asked by you fine, sundry folk. That piece of performance art should be up here, there, and everywhere this Friday. Just a warning, though. If you heard my interview with Stonewall Live a few weeks ago, you know I can get a bit talkward. I'm a stumbler, a mumbler, and a, I mean, a bumbler.

5. Thinking about a new erotic illustrated story along the lines of "Kid Christmas," this one called "The Skankiest Gun in the West." Tee-hee. Teej thinks it's a great idea and that's all that matters. I wonder if Absolutbleu would be up for it.

6. Galley Proof got an Honorable Mention at the Rainbow Awards! I'm honored. I know the book isn't everyone's cop o' tea, but it owns a special place in my heart AND HAS JUST BEEN OPTIONED FOR FILM BY ANG LEE!!! ...that's a total falsehood. 'Twould be real damn cool, though, eh?

7. "Ghouls Gym," the zombie satire Teej and I are writing for Empire Press' upcoming zombie antho Zombie Boyz, is coming along fantastically. I think we've invented a new genre: zombie pathos. It's a story that's equal parts thrilling, gross, sexy, funny, and scary, with a big dose of heart. Tj and I are having a blast working together.

8. I have an appointment with a rehab therapist the day after Teej leaves. I'm hopeful this fella will have some ideas on what to do with my foot. I've let them know I'm open to being put on any test medicine or procedure this side of being cloven-hooved. Though, being a sexy cloven-hooved sex demon would be interesting, wouldn't it, Teej? Yeah, it would. Yeeeeeeah, bitch.


  1. didn'tcha know? talkwardness is positively correlated with adorableness <3. nice title, btw...i hear mr. klune is preparing to be blown away

  2. Galley Proof deserves more recognition. Have fun with Tj. I cannot wait for your zombie story (never thought I'd say that).Good luck with your nominations.
    I know what it's like to be ready to go through anything to get healed but becareful please.
    Life wouldn't be very comical without Pinky and The Brain :-)

  3. I'm so psyched for your zombie book! The love-child of TJ & Eric can only be epic :) Have a great time next week and good luck with the rehab guy. Hugs and love!!!

  4. love that you will be filmed and you hit a million views