Sunday, December 9, 2012

What to Expect from Me in 2013

The Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles & Men - Set in the same river valley as The Rest Is Illusion and "Honeysuckle Sycamore", the story follows three generations of valley folk, centering in large part on Minerva True, a River Dweller and mystic living deep in the forested hills. She is at times the only person who sees an ancient danger that resides on the chapel grounds which has begun to threaten the lives of those around her. Most are too complacent to see the truth and pay little heed to her warnings of the imbalance between light and dark, and in the end only a small band of warriors stand beside her. A tale of love and duty, of respect for nature and purpose, ensues, challenging the destinies of Minerva True and her clan, among them the young hero Leith, his lover Aubrey (they're GAYS!!!), and the mute boy, Deverell. Leith’s half-crazed mother Calpurnia has her own aspirations, however, that prove detrimental not only to Minerva, but to everyone she comes in contact with. This should be released early 2013. I am so excited to finally get this released. I've been working on it for the past SEVEN years.

"Ghouls Gym" in Zombie Boyz - Me and Tj Klune have concocted (tee-hee) this novella for The Empire Press' anthology, and it is a hoot, y'all! Bodybuilders trapped in a gym with a bunch of flesh-eaters? Oh, the horror! Oh, the comedy! Oh, the sexy! April 2013.

Crack the Darkest Sky Wide Open, which includes my fantasy story "The Demon of Jericho", is a foray into self-publishing I'm taking with writers like Tj Klune and Abi Roux, six of us in total, each offering a unique story that may raise an eyebrow. May 2013.

Simple Men German and French translations. More in my plan to take over the world.

Galley Proof Spanish, German, and French translations. Bwahahahahaha!!! The world is mine!!!

Woke Up in a Strange Place audio book as read by Charlie David. Not sure the release date, but I know a lot of people are looking forward to this.

Azrael & The Light Bringer - This prequel to Mingled Destinies has just been picked up by Empire. It's awesome that they have such faith in my Valley Tales. I love writing them.

The Rascal - My horror novel about a couple whose marriage-on-the-skids becomes an all-out trainwreck when they move into an old cottage on the hill. It's not just the cottage that's haunted, it's the whole hang hill. Oh, and there's a creepy faded actress who lives just above them in the big house.

Bubbles n' Gordy graphic novel - This has been in the works since 2010, but you can't rush perfection and Absolutbleu's artwork is gorgeous! Hopefully this will be out soon. I will say that my sex fantasies can be at times very twisted.

"Life in a Northern Town" in the Mixed Tape antho - Based on my favorite 80s song by The Dream Academy.


Haute Couture - Keith Chawgo and me wrote this B-movie about a group of guys under the assumption they are in a big Hollywood mansion for a reality show. They're not.

The Rest Is Illusion - Award-winner Michael Tennant adapted the book to screenplay and it is now in the hands of at least one very prominent filmmaker.

Subsurdity - I don't suppose they'll keep the title if this teleplay is ever picked up. Logo was looking at it once...but passed on it for The A-List, or so I hear. I bow to mediocrity.


Terms We Have For Dreaming - Just finished, a spec fic epic with nine different plotlines. Set in a city-state governed by a crazed deity. I might still be working on this a few years from now. Must perfect. Must perfect.


Homeless - Shall start this next, a ghost story/thriller/love story set (for the most part) in an abandoned carnival. The title is temporary until something much more dramatic and awesome comes to mind.