Wednesday, August 15, 2012

EXCERPT: Gordy & The Vampire

I have a Gordy story featured in Richard Labonte's anthology, Erotica Exotica. (You can get it through my Amazon widget to the side.) It's called "Gordy & The Vampire," wherein our muscled witless wonder takes on a cum-draining demon. The story, with quite a few tweaks (I said TWEAKS!) and a new title, is being turned into a comic book by Class Comics, to be illustrated by Absolutbleu. Here be a scene from the short story that will not be in the comic book version, though. It really needs no explanation other than to say that Bubbles is the name of Gordy's roommate and fuck buddy. Enjoy!

After about ten minutes of staring at a blank computer screen, Gordy gave up on studying. He needed Bubbles for that anyway. Together, they had half a brain. He decided to get dressed and head over to the gym for the second time that day. It was getting on in the evening. He would wait for Bubbles to finish his workout, and then they could talk about Bram. But as he walked down the hall past open dorm room doors, he was stopped by Boo. Boo was a skinny thing with a lot of determination. There was no way he’d ever get as big as Gordy, or even Bubbles, but darn it if he didn’t try anyway. He was the hardest working lost cause on campus.

“Hey, Gordy!” Boo shouted as he strained and kicked out a pull-up on his door frame. “Can you spot me?”

Well, hell yeah, Gordy could spot him! That’s what Gordy did best. So he put down his backpack and stood directly in front of Boo. Gordy held the tips of his index fingers on each of Boo’s puny biceps. This seemed to help the little guy out quite a bit. There was only one problem: Gordy’s chest was so huge, and he was so very near Boo’s crotch that an accidental titty fuck commenced. Gordy supposed the big smile on Boo’s face was surprise and satisfaction at a job being well done, each rep a victory. But those watching and drooling knew different. Boo’s hard-on grew with each pull-up. Gordy’s chest unintentionally flexed and squeezed his hallmate’s meat. The friction on Boo’s dick was mind-blowing. It was like the most awesome handjob he had ever received. In only three pull-ups he felt the precum surge. How long he could hold it, he wasn’t certain. But damn if he was going to tell Gordy to stop. Each rep was agony. His balls were close to exploding Of course, Gordy felt the thickening dong sprouting in his cleavage, but an erection during a workout was a common thing. All that testosterone flowing through the body makes things come alive.

Boo got caught on “ten.” Or rather, he knew that if he completed the pull-up, he would splooge all over his shorts and maybe all over Gordy. But his spot wasn’t having any wimpery. Not on his watch! He encouraged Boo vocally and when that didn’t seem to work, he helped with a slight push up on Boo’s triceps.

That did it. Boo’s gym short-wrapped dickhead popped out from between the two massive pecs and spewed buckets of jizz. Boo let go of the doorframe and Gordy stepped back in surprise as the Boo Goo gushed out of the thin material and all over Gordy’s face. Boo did not fall to the ground however. Oh, no. Gordy’s massive pecs held tight to the suffocated penis as Boo spasmed high in the air. By this point, the audience of hall watchers were wiping up their own accidents. Gordy eventually realized he needed to relax his chest if he wanted to detach little Boo from his being. Having done so, Boo slid exhausted and happy to the floor.

“Dude!” Gordy said, as he made his way to the bathroom to wash his face. “This always happens. I try to be a nice guy, and I get a face full of goo.”


  1. ah yeah, what were you saying in the beginning??? Yes I may need to order this too! My Arvin shelf is getting full, soon I'll need a Arvincase!

  2. Ahahaha! Now I'll have to pay extra close attention at the gym...I always knew something funny was going on with all that grunting!