Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Epic Interview of Eric The Arvin

I feel that this painting alone can relay the EPICNESS of the interview I did HERE. All shall read and despair!!!


  1. Despair doesn't quite cut it. Perhaps desperate despair?
    Seriously though - it was a good interview and very informative. I obviously enjoyed reading it more than you did after the fact.
    Perhaps you should look at it from a different perspective - A fine and detailed picture of the mind of a mad man. Just kidding.
    I did make one decision while reading it. I decided that when the interviewer asked a question, her name wasn't suggestive of her speaking but rather, of her speaking directly to you and therefore, you go by the drag name of Fiona. Subsequently, from here on until the end of eternity, whenever I leave a comment, it shall be posted to Fiona. Thanks for inducing this insanity within me.