Sunday, September 2, 2012

The List: Italian Arvinio, HuffPo Arvin, & Arvin Around the World

1. The Italian language version of my book Galley Proof - titled Solo una bozza - was released this week, and next moth the Spanish version of Simple Men is released. My plan for world literary domination has begun. Release the hounds!!!

2. Screenwriter Michael Tennant and myself are on the prowl for producers/directors for the adaptation of my first novel The Rest Is Illusion. We have four directors interested and/or looking over the project as I type this. I am not above whorring myself out to get this thing produced.

3. The Oscars should be decided on like the Olympics. I for one would love to see Ryan Gosling wrestle Michael Fassbender for Best Actor...naked.

4. I have decided how exactly I want to tell my surreal hospital stay - the one that happened to me two years ago when I was deathy ill, in and out of a coma, with pneumonia. I'm going to write a book in either journal form or as a series of letters to some fictional character and title it The Pneumonia Memoirs. If it doesn't win the Pulitzer...well, I don't know what.

5. I was mentioned in the Huffington Post not once, but twice last week. Awesome, huh? My stock is rising, Number One. Soon I shall be eating at the finest restaurants in Madison, Indiana. No more McDonald's for me. I'm moving up to Hinkle's Hamburgers!

6. I've decided my new pre-New Years goal to take up travel writing doesn't go far enough. Instead, I want to start a travel company that caters to adventurous folk like myself who may have some physical issues but still have the NEED to see the world. I'm also going to contact the Travel Channel SOMEHOW and propose a program - maybe have a camera follow me around and document my travel joys and foibles. Of course I'll have a wacky gal pal for comic relief. It'll be like the Amazing Race...with Patsy & Edina. Anyone out there have connections at Travel Channel?

7. Bodybuilders should hire themselves out as stress relievers. Seriously. Who needs a stress ball when one loud smack on a bodybuilder's big bare ass is so much more satisfying. Just sayin'. They like it. They're all bottoms anyway. Am I right? Am I right? Yeah. You know I am. Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah.

8. By the time Future Eric posts this blog piece on Sunday morning Past Eric will have finished the first draft of his epic speculative fiction piece Terms We Have For Dreaming, which he has been working on for the past 8 months. Present Eric is most excited about this. Now it us up to Far Future Eric to edit and clean this work up and make it sparkle and sing. All the other Erics will stand back in judgement if Far Future Eric should fail. They will laugh at him.

9. Reading Michael Flynn's Eifelheim, or trying to. Was distracted when I saw a blurb by sci-fi writer and gay hater Orson Scott Card on the back. Well, at least it was the back. I am firmly against damaging books but I will not have that man's name in my collection... so I cut the bottom half of the back cover off and threw it away. Silly? Perhaps. Petty? Not really, asshole. Satisfying? Immensely. I sure showed him!

10. This may come as a disappointment to some, but I am giving serious thought to shutting down my website Daventry Blue. Originally that site was meant to be for my writing, but somewhere along the way it became a dumping ground for EVERYTHING that caught my fancy, including hot sexy mens. And while I do enjoy hot sexy mens, you can find the same photos on any Tumblr site on the interweb. So, just fair warning. One day soon Daventry Blue may be no more.


  1. Please don't go.... You mention Tumblr, does that mean that you have created one?

  2. I whore myself self out all the time and don't see any problems doing so!!!! Yes, I 'd say your stock is rising my friend, great news on the Rest is Illusion front. And as long as your here in some form, I'll still read.

  3. I am submitting my entry now for the whacky gal pal. Lol