Sunday, October 28, 2012

The List: What I Did At GRL

1. Met Anne Hathaway, who taught me the right way to tickle a prostate. It was out of sight, dude.

2. Tj Klune, Medicine Woman: How's your face today?
    Me: Huh?
    Tj: Your Jiminy Crickets or whatever it's called.
    Me: My trigemenal Neuralgia?
    Tj: Yeah. I can't pronounce that. For now on it shall be known as hurt face.

 I adore him.

3. Damon Suede had a better ass than any of the strippers on stage at that cowboy stripper thing.

4. I'm never flying stateside again. What a horror. That is all.

5. Everyone was awesomely helpful with my cane and vertigo and all-out clumsiness. I loved how Teej held onto my belt loop when we walked. He made me feel so secure. Don't let his sarcasm fool you. He's extremely romantic.

6. The casbah? Oh, we fuckin' rocked that shit.

7. I now know how Brangelina must feel. Anyone get a photo of us kissing? The Klarvin must have one.

8. If there is a zombie apocalypse my friend Lanny will be the person I will be running to for protection. Bitch is like a tiny Micchone!

9. There we are, being all freaking adorable...

When, suddenly, Teej finds Jesus.

9. Make-out nose. I need to invest in some lotions...or a football helmet. Snogging with Teej is SO much fun, though, I'll happily deal with the after affects.

10. I don't care what anyone says, the power button on a cell phone isn't for anything but aesthetics. Isn't that right, Teej?

11. Teej and I both need classes on how to use a pen. We spent 5 minutes at the signing table trying to open a ball point...and then we realized it had a lid.

12. I drank...I drank a whole lot. And met some wonderful folk, like Chris below.


  1. I really wanted to get a photo of you two kissing, but the first time I was surprised (heaven knows why, after the way you two have been flirting for the last several months on FB), then after that my inner Squee-Monster always took over (OMG! They're so CUTE!!).

    Next year, I'll pull out my camera, push you both against a wall and tell you to make out. For art. And posterity. And squees! :)

    Then you can sign my other boob!

    I'm so glad I got to meet you, I think you are just awesome. HUGS!!

  2. A good kisser is so worth the morning after nose. Snog away - I'll send you some cover up for the nose.;

    1. Haha. Yep, we had to call our friend Amanda to the room for some emergency cover up.

  3. this was awesomesauce. So cute!

    P.S. I am NOT a robot. I am just Captcha incompetent!

  4. What a great post! Thanks for sharing some of your experiences at GRL!

    Love the pic of TJ kissing the top of your head. So cute!

    Take care!
    Chris (C.L. Miles)

  5. Sigh, you two are adorable. (as you've heard multiple millions of times now) Watching new love/like whatever bloom is amazing, and it's nice to know two great guys are so into each other. That pic of Tj kissing your head is well too ridiculously sweet. Wishing you both the very best, and soo glad I got to briefly meet the both of you at GRL. :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, that pic is a fav of mine. :-)

  6. yes, flying/travel now is awful - but remember: "journeys end in lovers meeting. . ."