Sunday, January 6, 2013

The List:: Our Christmas Vacation

1. A little ditty I came up with whilst the snow storm was delaying my boyfriend's flight: 

"My boyfriend's pissed and he's gonna start a riot
Hey-la hey-la, my boyfriend's pissed
They told him not to come but he ain't gonna buy it
Hey-la hey-la, my boyfriend's pissed..."

2. My summation of the Paranormal Activity films I watched with Tj: guys are jerk holes. Listen to your wives, dipskittles! You gots a demons in your house!

3. Words from the dictionary of Arvin, otherwise known as E-pedia:

talkward - when one stumbles and stutters over words while the center of attention
cowsworth - as in, "that sandwich had a whole cowsworth of cheese on it!"
chesticles - first used in my Jasper Lane books, referring to a man's beefy pecs
truthsetto - like a falsetto, but more honest
Disney kiss - lips puckered, no tongue
"I once punched a mountain" -  Tj's interpretation of what I say and sound like when I'm on Ambien.
The Lurve - The famous Parisien museum...according to Tj
The Macedonian Era - According to Tj, some ancient era of time
monkery - the place where monks reside
testicle difficulties - According to Teej, technical difficulties...with your balls
donkey sham - "thank you"....a derivative of German

4. Listening to music deep into the night with someone who understands the simple pleasure and joy of listening to music: priceless. Yup. He's meant for me.

5. Burn, baby. Burn.

6. I have been told by someone who has read my horror manuscript The Rascal that it reminded him of the film Insidious, and now, after finally seeing the movie with Teej over New Years, I can indeed see it.


  1. you two look very well together! :X

  2. I'm going to work "talkward" into a conversation at my earliest opportunity.

  3. Donkey sham for your xmas activities' list :-P

  4. Facebook has ruined my ability to articulate compliments. All I can say is i LIKE it. :)

    1. Haha!! Right? Damn Facebook! Thanks!

  5. The film Insidious scared the hell out of me! Would be a intresting read with your style. And I LOVE a good Disney kiss, but tongue is require every other kiss!!! And I agree, you have a new found refreshed feel my friend. You two look so adorable together!

  6. haha you are so funny and cool
    love the way you are together btw :)
    goodluck and enjoy :)

  7. Funny and nicely written
    Greetings from welsh wales

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  9. Cool!I think you guys are really enjoyed christmas vacation.Thanks for sharing.


  10. Cool! Greatly enjoyed christmas two look very well together.thanks for sharing