Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Top 10 Most Visited Posts of 2012

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10. In which I posted photos of me and some of my book covers: The Author & His Work

9. In which I discuss my failures in gym class as an adolescent: Gym Class Hero

8. In which I channel Shakespeare...if he were a lousy poet: Sunday Morning Blog Poem

7. In which I unveil the cover for Zombie Boys, among other things: The List: A Few Little Things

6. In which I describe how I got sick and everything after: Me - The Story of a Fall

5. In which I tell of my future plans: The List: Big Things Ahead

4. In which I interview myself about GRL: Conversation with Myself About GRL

3. In which I show and tell what I did at GRL: The List: What I Did at GRL

2. In which I offer and excerpt of my pervy story from Seventh Window, 'Roids, Rumps, & Revenge":
 EXCERPT: 'Roids, Rumps, & Ravenge'

1. In which I posted a two part video of me and Tj Klune interviewing each other. In two days this got more hits than any of my other posts did all year: Eric Arvin/Tj Klune Epic Interview

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