Wednesday, April 25, 2012

11 Writerly Things About Me

- I've decided to no longer rate books on Goodreads. I'll still have a page there, I just don't like the idea that I'm ripping some other poor writer's guts out with a star. What happens if I meet Anne Rice one day and she sees my two stars for Memnoch the Devil? How could I possibly ever look her in the eyes?

- I don't write romantic fiction. I know I'm published - and proudly - beneath the Dreamspinner banner, but let's be honest. My attempt at writing romance can be summed up with one book, Simple Men. Romance is hard, y'all!

- I will not be angry with you if you don't like something I write. Some of my best friends don't like everything I write. I have a thick skin.

- I make soundtracks to the books I write to keep me inspired and "in theme" as I write. The Jasper Lane books are fun soundtracks to make.

- For about five years I wrote standing up, with my laptop situated on my chest of drawers. Now I have a very comfy chair. And a desk.

- I think my novella "Honeysuckle Sycamore" from the anthology Slight Details & Random Events would make a great animated film.

- I am always terrified and overwhelmed when I start a new manuscript. I am certain I will never be able to finish.

- I base many of my characters looks on the physical traits of various famous people, like Glenn Close ("Cassie Bloom" from Jasper Lane), adult film star Caesar ("Cliff" from Jasper Lane), Emmylou Harris, Rachel Roberts, Pete Yorn ("Baker" from Woke Up in a Strange Place) and Eleanor Bron. Nanna from Jasper Lane is based on a French teacher I had in college.

- I am having issues placing a current manuscript, some publishers saying it's too gay, others saying it isn't gay enough.

- I cannot write without an outline. Especially for the type of story I am currently working on: nine main characters and numerous plot threads.

- Remember that gay comedy adventure/spy book I was going to write? I don't think it's gonna happen. I can't get into it right now. Maybe later.


  1. I must say that so far, I have loved everything of yours that I have read! I am not just saying that either, I promise... I am convinced that YOU are the character in Galley Proof and that makes it that much better.


    1. Thanks! And yes. Logan is more autobiographical than any character I've ever written ;-)

  2. Now i know a bit about you.



  3. Poor manuscript - it sounds like the manuscript version of the Three Bears.

  4. Just keep poking those keys. Everything of yours that I've read seems to work.

  5. "romance", "too gay"? "not gay enough"? honestly, Logan was right: classifications aren't helpful and just cause confusion - and usually keep people from having the chance to decide for themselves

  6. Interesting about the "Gay or not Gay enough" stuff. If it has lead gay characters it's pretty much gay, I think