Saturday, April 28, 2012

The List

1. Ron Howard is set to direct an adaptation of My Stroke of Insight. Jill Bolte Taylor's fascinating and uplifting account of her stroke and recovery from her perspective as a neurologist. Jodie Foster has been named as being interested in the role. If you haven't seen her TED speech, I highly recommend it. Extremely powerful and moving.

2. Woke Up in a Strange Place won the Best Speculative Fiction award at the TLA Gaybies last week. Woot! Thank you, everyone who voted! To quote Ruth Gordon, I can't tell ya how encouraging a thing like this is.

3. Galley Proof has gone into the process of being translated into Italian. With Simple Men soon to come out in Spanish, I'm sure to find me a hot sexy European boyfriend in no time! Spicey!

4. American Horror Story announced that season 2 will be set at a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. While this is a bit predictable, I'll still be watching. I'm sure it will surprise me in other ways. Word is, it's a-gonna be kiiiinky.

5. I helped judge cutie-pie Tj Klune's Bad Poetry contest in promotion of his new book, Who We Are. You can hear the top three - er, bottom three? - at Tj's site HERE.

6. I don't care much for the B or Apartment C, but James Van Der Beek is great. Give him a spin-off.

7. My short story She's Come Undone - about a harassed mother of a special needs child - is getting wonderful reviews, especially from mothers. It's now available on iBookstore.

8. Review line of the Week: From Fangtasia on Goodreads regarding Woke Up in a Strange Place: ..."a necessary read for anyone entertaining existential questions." Awesome.